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(no subject) [May. 18th, 2010|01:50 pm]
Everything Brandon Routh

[music |Bethany Dillon - The Way I See You | Powered by Last.fm]

Join Superman Daily if you would love a pretty picture, picspam and gifs of the epic Man of Steel (and anyone related to him) that's been saving us in movies, tv, comics, etc for the past 70 years. Whether your a fan of only certain verses, any, or all than you should watch or join! We'll also be including the characters that surround Clark and his life in Smallville and Metropolis. So what are you waiting for? JOIN OR WATCH TODAY!

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Brandon Stars in Fling [Aug. 12th, 2009|11:22 am]
Everything Brandon Routh
Has anybody seen Fling? It stars Brandon and just premiered on Showtime last week. Great movie - I can't believe this movie didn't get a wider release!

I won't spoil too much, but the movie explores a young couple living in an open relationship. It kind of reminded me in some ways of a modern Sex, Lies & Videotape - from the handheld camera style which give it the documentary feel, to the way that it handled sexuality in a manner that was way less risque than you would expect. And the soundtrack? Soooo good. Anybody know if they have plains to release the score + the soundtrack? I'd love to get that double CD. From the first pulsing beat of Maxxfemm's "Weak Condition," to the final, spacey dream of Asobi Seksu's "Goodbye," I liked basically all the songs! Best soundtrack since Garden State, that's for sure. Anyway, just thought I'd share and show you all a trailer.

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Superman Returns music video [Nov. 23rd, 2008|11:52 am]
Everything Brandon Routh
This is a music video paying tribute to the film Superman Returns. The focus of the video is on the relationship between Clark/Lois/Superman as well as a lot of great action from through out the movie.

Edited on - Final Cut Pro
Song - "Before Its Too Late" by Goo Goo Dolls (Transformers OST)

Please remember to select "watch in high quality" after clicking the link..

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Just a few [Aug. 22nd, 2007|03:40 am]
Everything Brandon Routh


(Drumming gif, in honor of Brandon's upcoming stint as Gene Krupa)
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Weekend Offering [Jul. 29th, 2007|02:44 am]
Everything Brandon Routh



More Icons Here!Collapse )
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My first Superman Returns MV :) [May. 29th, 2007|09:53 pm]
Everything Brandon Routh

[mood |creative]
[music |Hero by Chad Kroeger]

I was bored, and this song has been calling to me for the last few weeks. I know it's technically a Spider-man song, and it probably does suit Spidey a bit better ... but I also thought it fit well with the SR universe.

So, while I've made a bunch of Smallville videos recently I haven't managed to tackle a SR vid yet ... I thought it was about time. I needed a break from stressing about real-life issues anyway so here's the result.

Now the SR clips I have on my computer aren't the best quality, so don't expect DVD-quality video ... but I think it's good enough for a YouTube sized video. I'm kinda proud of how it turned out, considering I just threw it together in a few hours. ;)

If anyone's interested in checking it out, please let me know what you think! :)

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Superman Returns Sequel article [Mar. 14th, 2007|10:38 pm]
Everything Brandon Routh

[mood |calmcalm]

Empire magazine has the exclusive. X-Posted to routh_brandon brandonfans superman_fans thefortress

Exclusive: No Zod in Superman Returns 2?
Brandon Routh talks superhero sequel

For all the lush visuals and emotional intensity of Superman Returns, a sizeable slab of its audience grumbled about its lack of balls-to-the-wall action, with complaints going something like, “If I wanted to watch a man lift increasingly heavy objects, I’d hang around my local skip.”

Well, Supes himself, Brandon Routh, gave us a few hints as to what we can expect from the sequel. And it seems a proper Scary Bad Guy (no offense, Lex) is very much on the cards…

“It’s going to be a lot more in that genre. In the first one, the obstacle was Superman’s love for Lois and his son, and Luthor using that against him. I just know that in the next film there will be a lot of action and I’m gonna get to fight something, or someone. An enemy with real physical power might be worked in there, definitely.”

Hmm… But what of a rumour that’s been floating around of late, that the next Superman flick will feature a certain outlaw from Krypton, a villain with immeasurable strength, a baddie whose love of baggy V-neck tunics is only matched by his fox-like cunning. In short, will Superman soon kneel once more before General Zod?

“I don’t know,” laughs Routh. “I don’t know how much we want to reprise characters that have appeared in the series before, since we’ve reset and used the first film to pay homage to all that’s come before. Now I think Bryan (Singer) might want to go somewhere new with it, which I think will be exciting.”

It’s early days for the project — Routh says he has two films lined up to shoot later this year (one a romantic comedy) before he dons the cape again, possibly in early 2008 — and aside from a bad guy, there’s something else missing: a title. “Yeah, I don’t think they’ve settled on one yet,” says Routh. “I suggested that Bryan call it Superman Returns Again, but I don’t think that will happen. They’re about to begin the pre-production process, so there’s a lot of ideas in the air and a lot of discussion about what’s going to happen with it. I promise a lot of excitement!”

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Superman Returns SFX article [Feb. 9th, 2007|01:36 am]
Everything Brandon Routh

x-posted to: superman_fans, superman_return, thefortress, brandonfans, routh_brandon

Variety have an article online regarding the special effects in Superman Returns which has received an Oscar nomination for the 2007 Academy Awards.

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Jack O' Halloran aka Non on Superman Returns [Feb. 1st, 2007|12:05 am]
Everything Brandon Routh

[mood |contentcontent]

Jack O Halloran who played Non in Superman:The Movie and Superman II gives his opinion on Brandon Routh and Superman Returns. Something tells me he won't be invited by Bryan for a cameo appearance for the sequel.

x-posted to brandonfans

Jack on Superman ReturnsCollapse )
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Brandon Routh - After Midnight TV [Jan. 7th, 2007|09:40 pm]
Everything Brandon Routh

[mood |gigglygiggly]

found this on You Tube. Made me LOL

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